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JFMLAW is a Sydney employment law firm which has been practising for over 30 years. We give employers and employees in small to medium size businesses legal advice about workplace issues, industrial relations and human resources, providing sound professional employment law information and guidance to all our clients. If you are looking for a lawyer for advice on workplace employment law, try us on these or other topics:

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For Employers and Employees

For Employers

Well drafted employment law contracts are the key to many related legal aspects. We offer advice about setting up employment contracts for your business, whether they are for casual, permanent or part-time employees or executives.

We base our employment contracts on sound employment law principles. The design of each contract takes contemporary issues into account. These issues include social media policy, protection of confidential information and restraints of trade.

Employers often find they have issues in relation to performance management or performance improvement among the staff. We are able to give well-considered and beneficial professional advice on the human resources aspects of handling matters at the workplace. We are always available on the phone to provide urgent advice for any matter that may occur in the workplace.

Problems for employers often arise when there are complaints or grievances, especially those relating to workplace harassment, bullying or discrimination. Our lawyers have developed expertise in helping employers develop policies and procedures in these areas, along with a cost-effective investigation program that will make sure that complaints and grievances are dealt with promptly, fairly and in the right way.

On occasions when an employer is restructuring their workplace they call upon us for advice about redundancy, termination of employment and severance arrangements.

For Employees

When employees are considering entering into an employment contract they should engage a lawyer who understands workplace laws and can tell them about their rights and obligations.

It is important to contact a workplace lawyer before you sign an employment contract.

Employees may also have issues about bullying or harassment during the term of their employment. They may feel that they have not been paid the correct amount of wages, award entitlements or commissions. At such times, the employee can benefit greatly with suitable industrial law advice from fully qualified and experienced lawyers.

If you feel you are being unjustly performance managed, or are considering making an unfair dismissal claim you should contact us. We can advise you how to respond in a professional manner to any claims of poor performance or examine the grounds for the unfair dismissal claim. Our track record in advising employees about unfair dismissal claims is very good.

If you work at the managerial level, on a high income you may not have a right to claim unfair dismissal, so we can advise you of your executive rights in respect of your employment contract.

At JFMLAW we pride ourselves on being proactive employment lawyers and providing the best quality human resources, employment law and industrial law advice.

We are the workplace lawyers of choice in Sydney for a great many employees and employers.